Tuesday Design Society

Designers of Charlottesville

TDS is an organization that brings the local design community together every Tuesday since 2018, as well as during the annual Cville Design Week since 2017. We provide an outlet for educational lectures, professional development opportunities, and a way to connect with a community of peers.

Designers meeting around table

Tuesday Meetup

Join us on Tuesdays for a casual social gathering and knowledge sharing in all things design.

Get to know local designers and discuss graphic design, typography, digital design, experience design, UX, and so much more. We'll learn from each other, share our ideas, critique our work, and grow as designers.


Cville Design Week

The annual Cville Design Week is a week filled with everything design including in-depth lectures, curated discussions, portfolio reviews, interactive workshops, creative mixers, and more!

Next Design Week

April 9–12, 2024

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